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Why Megan Will Be Miss World 2013

There are a thousand and one reasons why all signs lead to a historic Miss Philippines conquest of the Miss World crown this year

First and foremost, a Megan Young victory will be a most welcome news for a country that has been wracked  and besieged by a pork barrel scandal, strife in Zamboanga City and floodings

Secondly, it has been 40 long years since the first time we almost had the Miss World crown only to be snatched from under our noses when American Gregory Peck broke the tie between Miss United States Marjorie Wallace and our very own Evangeline Pascual back in 1973 

Evangeline Pascual is 1973 Miss World 1st RU

Had Evangeline Pascual been named Miss World 1973, the Philippines would have had the honor of having won Miss Universe and Miss World on the same year (remember Margie Moran Miss Universe 1973?)

Finally, should Julia Morley decide to give the crown to Miss Philippines, Filipino pageant fans would surely forget Miss Universe and there would be Miss World mania all over the Philippine archipelago

And now for the signs (courtesy of

1. Megan Young was handpicked to speak in front of the press at the Miss World Press Launch in Bali, Indonesia

Only 8 other contestants had that privilege: France, Spain, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Netherlands, Australia and Jamaica. Consider that there are 127 vying for attention.

2. Megan entered the Top 11 of the Beach Fashion Challenge which is like the Best in Swimsuit award.
Although the winner will be announced on coronation night, Sept 28, placing high in this key challenge gives extra points to those who make it.

3. The Philippines also landed in the Top 10 of yet another key challenge: The Top Model Event. This is where the contestants face-off on the catwalk and show off their prowess as fashion models.
Megan is applauded by fellow candidates when she is named as Top Ten Finalist
Megan wore an elegant gown by Indonesian Princess Ayu Mirah Suardhana, a real princess who is also a gifted fashion designer.  
Megan with Princess Ayu Mirah Suardhana during fittings
The princess personally selected Megan to wear her creation and even lent her expensive jewelry to wear during the event challenge.

4. Megan is one of the few selected to have a solo feature in the Dances of the World Production Number

Megan is shown practising her Singkil Dance
 Megan during the Dances of the World Dress Rehearsal
It will be performed on coronation night this Saturday. Megan will be doing the Singkil, a Filipino-Muslim dance.

One more interesting thing:

Although this has yet to be officially announced by the Miss World organization, it is worth noting that the reigning Mr. World, Francisco Escobar posted this on his Facebook:

Congratulations ladies… Miss Philippines, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Denmark, USA, Australia, Kosovo, Malaysia, Mexico, Belarus and Turkey… They are the official finalist (sic) of the most important track from (sic) the Miss World Pageant, #MissWorld2013 #BeautyWithPurpose #Finalists

I can’t begin to tell you just how important the Beauty With A Purpose [BWAP] challenge is. Miss World founder Julia Morley takes charity work very seriously and the contestants who do well in this area get big fat points that increase their chances of entering the semi-finalists’ circle.

Megan’s BWAP project centers around flood victims in the Philippines. She chose this advocacy because on the night she won, a storm was raging over Luzon, flooding many areas and leaving thousands of families homeless. If the FB post by Mr World 2012 is correct, then Megan may just have a clear path to the crown. 

My final set of interesting facts:

Megan has consistently figured high in predictions made by pageant websites like Global Beauties which has her at #1. British bookmakers like Paddypower, Bet365 and Ladbrokes list her at 2nd place behind Brazil.

Her Miss World profile video is the most viewed with a little over 97,000 views. In second is Vietnam with a little over 79,000. In the App Voting contest, she is in 2nd place right behind Gibraltar. [All figures in this paragraph are as of writing.]

Rappler will LIVE blog the Miss World 2013 coronation night on Saturday, Sept 28, 7pm Philippine time.

- Joyce Ann Burton , Bb Pilipinas- Universe 1985, Miss Young Philippines 1981

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