Friday, September 27, 2013

Playing With Fire

A beach wedding reception in Bohol isn’t complete without a fire dance performance

And so during Edison and Sheilou’s wedding reception, there was indeed a fire dance performance and it wasn’t just any performance. 

It was interactive and the performers picked out some brave souls including me to take part in the nerve- wracking fiery spectacle

The fire performance is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more wraps of wick, which are soaked in fuel and ignited.

Fire performance includes skills which are based on jugglingbaton twirling and poi swinging and other forms of object manipulation.

It also includes skills such as fire breathingfire eating and body burning; sometimes called fakir skills.

Fire performance has various styles of performance including fire dancing; the use of fire as a finale skill in an otherwise non-fire performance; and the use of fire skills as 'dangerous' stunts.

Performances can be done as choreographed routines to music (this type being related to dance or rhythmic gymnastics); as freestyle (performed to music or not) performances; or performed with vocal interaction with the audience.

Fire performance, or at least some of the skills that form part of it, has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world.

The most popular here in Bohol particularly in Panglao Island  involves the poi, a pair of roughly arm-length chains with handles attached to one end, and bundle of wicking material on the other.

Here's Your Blogger Playing With Fire

Fire performance is a very dangerous performance art, and fire safety precautions should always be taken.

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