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Rose Soy: Portrait of an Elegant Boholana

BEAUTY. BRAINS. BREEDING. When somebody gets a glimpse of this self- effacing and mild- mannered lady for the first time, chances are you would use the three aforementioned words to describe her.

But how would you describe this lady when you realize that there’s more than meets the eyes. One would definitely be at a loss for words for mere adjectives aren’t enough to give justice to this feisty, fascinating and fabulous dame whose regal bearing bespeaks of her innate strength and quiet dignity

It all started back in the early 60’s when Rose Soy decided to put up a classy fine dining restaurant where she can make use of her greatest passions into something tangible.  


Rose has always been a culinary wiz who can cook up the best gourmet dishes that can tickle even the most discriminating palate.

Add up her legendary entertaining and social graces that have been honed to perfection with her constant hobnobbing with the A- crowd and you get a surefire formula for success!

And so it was in 1963 when the Bayview Restaurant & Music Lounge that specialized in Filipino and Chinese culinary delights came into being.

The late Bishop Manuel Mascarinas officiated during its blessing.  

 Rose at Alona Tropical Beach Resort
With impeccable customer satisfaction as its ultimate aim, it also prided itself on inviting Manila- based entertainers to ensure topnotch entertainment.

With Rose at the helm, the two- storey restaurant and nightly music lounge soon became the watering hole for Bohol’s who’s who.

During its heyday, it was famed for banquets, receptions, milestones, induction ceremonies and became the hang out for the Jaycees, Rotarians, Lions, politicians & nat’l govt. officials

With the advent of the 70’s, the lady with the keen business acumen set her sights on conquering the nation’s capital.


It was in 1972 when she opened the legendary Manila Steak House along Ermita St. with 1969 Miss Universe Gloria A. Diaz as guest of honor. With her latest venture now a flourishing business, she soon became a permanent fixture in social functions and important events.

She even developed a close friendship with the late Joe Quirino, who was the most popular TV talk show host and society columnist who made the Rose of Bohol a regular guest in his weekly television talk show “Seeing Stars with Joe Quirino” that aired over IBC Channel 13

In the mid- 70’s, her foray into tourism started when she opened a travel agency in Manila hoping to market the tourism potentials of Bohol and sooner than expected, and with the support of then Bohol Gov. Lino Chatto and then Bohol Provl Board Member Erico Aumentado, Bohol Resort Inc. with Rose as president was awarded by the Bohol Prov’l Govt. the exclusive license to operate 10 air- conditioned rooms at the Chocolate Hills Complex.  

Rose Revisits the Birhen sa Lourdes

Madame Rose is indeed a visionary who had the foresight to promote Bohol as a top tourist destination long before it was in vogue. She is one of the pioneering visionaries who saw and believed in Bohol’s abundance of natural wonders that would entice tourists to fall in love with the province.

Aside from being an astute businesswoman, Madame Rose is also a devotee of the Virgin of the Assumption and never fails to visit the Assumption Church in Dauis every Saturday.  Back in 1976 when she was still actively promoting the Chocolate Hills, she donated a life- sized statue of the Birhen sa Lourdes at the grotto of Chocolate Hills complex.  


Becoming a Rotarian back in 2000 was a turning point in her life. It was being actively involved in the Rotary’s various socio- civic projects that she was able to find an avenue for her helping ways. Channeling one’s energy, talents and time into something that benefits the community is no mean accomplishment.


Considered as one of Bohol’s most celebrated beauties, she is one of the rare few who has defied time andwho is often talked- about for sterling attributes such as breeding, impeccable manners, and quiet dignity around her.

Now at the prime of her life, she has been bestowed a lot of titles and appellations such as Bohol’s First Lady of Tourism and the Ageless Beauty.

She was proclaimed recently as the Centennial Queen of Circulo Boholano de Cebu, Inc., when the  organization marked its 100th year anniversary.  

As Circulo Boholano de Cebu Centennial Queen
with your blogger & Ms Bohol 04 Rhiz Arenas

She is also the reigning titleholder of both Mrs. Bohol International 2009 and Mrs. Bohol Tourism 2009 crowns that she will relinquish next year during the TBTK 2012 celebration.  

as Mrs. Bohol Internationa'l 2009
with Fiel Angeli Gabin & Betty Veloso- Garcia

with fellow Rotarians
L-R: Boots Gango, Panglao Mayor Nila Montero, 

Fiel Gabin, Rose Soy & Baby Bantol

during Tagbilaran Santacruzan 2011
with Your Blogger & Baby Bantol

But the title that she holds dear to her heart is the Queen of the Rotary of Tagbilaran, a recognition that she has held for six consecutive years starting in 2006 and up to the present.

The title is very dear to her for it symbolizes the club’s respect and high regard for her and through it, she can reach out to the less fortunate.

When asked to reveal her beauty secrets, she simply said that it’s the sense of purpose, peace of mind, and contentment that has given her the aura of a beautiful person inside and out.

  Rosario "Rose Soy: Up Close

Presently, Madame Rose is kept busy juggling her time as a Rotarian and as entrepreneur of Kangen Ionized Water and Cion- Virge Restaurant, Café & Souvenir Shop located at the City Airport Compound where she reigns supreme.

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